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Over 50 Years Experience 

Always Putting Quality First

Our Mission

Firm Foundations Start with Quality Concrete that Last the Test of Time. We Specialize in Customer Satisfaction, Putting Quality First, and Getting the Job Done Quickly and Efficiently. 

Who We Are

Rushing Concrete Company is a turnkey commercial and industrial concrete contractor with more than 50 years experience. We pride ourselves on a superior management system and a team of high quality craftsman able to tackle any project. We also maintain a fleet of state of the art equipment to execute a project in the most efficient way possible.


Here at Rushing Concrete, we strive for quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.


Concrete Pumping

We maintain a fleet of up-to-date reliable pumps with highly trained professional operators willing to always work with customers to get the job done.

Concrete Pumping
Block Fills

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About Our Company

Rushing Concrete Company was founded in 1973 by brothers Randy and Larry Rushing who had both already spent 10 plus years in the concrete industry. Starting with nothing but hard work and determination they quickly turned Rushing Concrete into a prominent turnkey commercial and industrial concrete contractor..


Year of Establishment



Projects Completed

Yards Poured 


Generations of Rushings

Randy Rushing


Shane Rushing
Hunter Rushing
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We prioritize quality in our work, supported by top-notch machinery. Maintaining high standards is paramount to us.

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