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The Full Story

Always Putting Quality First


Rushing Concrete Company was founded in 1973 by brothers, Randy and Larry Rushing, who had both already spent 10 plus years in the concrete industry. Starting with nothing but hard work and determination, they quickly turned Rushing Concrete into a prominent turnkey commercial and industrial concrete contractor.

In 1999, Rushing Concrete purchased the first laser screed in the Tuscaloosa area which propelled Rushing concrete to another level of excellence.

In 2021, Rushing Concrete started a sister company, Rushing Pumping to further self perform and give them more flexibility in scheduling.

Rushing Concrete is now owned and operated by founder, Randy Rushing, second generation, Shane Rushing, and third generation, Hunter Rushing.


Now fifty years later, Rushing Concrete still delivers the same quality and efficiency it was founded on. Not only through keeping up with innovation and technology but by passing down wisdom and knowledge through every generation.


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